The Voice

A Micro Fiction

By Jerry D. Haight

The new freeway boasted five lanes in both directions. It was designed to rapidly take workers and shoppers from the outlaying areas into the center of town in the mornings and bring them quickly home in the evenings. Since it opened just days ago, there was little reverse traffic that night as the young man went on his way downtown.

As oft the case with youth, his sharp eyes, clear vision, quick reflexes and nimble coordination made him invincible, adumbrating wisdom, judgment and experience in his driving habits. The accelerator was always the tool of choice and with it he could extricate himself from any situation, except on that night. . . . it nearly cost him his life.

As the lad's car ate up the onramp,  he glanced over his left shoulder and noticed a car somewhat over a quarter of a mile behind him traveling in the left inside lane. Ahead about a quarter of a mile in the right outside lane was an eighteen wheeler lumbering along at far under the posted speed of 75mph.

Notwithstanding the previous day the boy was court ordered to enroll in a driver's safety education course, and the three speeding tickets amassed in the short span of two weeks, nothing was going to slow him down this night. .  . well maybe.

He quickly computed the solution in his brain. He would simply floor board his black Trans Am, briefly tailgate the semi, move adroitly into the adjacent lane and back off just as he passed the truck conveying with his duel un-muffled tailpipes the unmistakable message he was in charge. . . or was he?

As planned, his AM as he called it closed rapidly on the truck and he started turning the steering wheel to the left when a voice in the back softly said "hold off, just a moment". Why the voice was so compelling and why he complied, he could not figure but as he let off the accelerator the earlier car passed him immediately on his left.

Visibly shaken, he could only imagine the carnage had he not have "held off, just a moment" as the voice suggested. Some might say he was alone in the car that night, but the lad knew differently. He had clearly heard His voice, the same One making His presence known to individuals throughout history. Only later would the lad come to know Him personally.