By Jerry D. Haight


He stood at the lectern, mighty and proud,

 Blond wig flowing Voice waxing loud.

Like a breath of fresh air in a smoke filled room,

His demeanor spoke with no thought of doom

His laughing eyes and Cheshire grin

A collective sigh that sequestered din

Fingers poking holes in the sky,

 This dude too was anything but shy.

He picked a foe like government men,

 Chastened them thoroughly to the end.

With them he was far more than just tepid

He Called them out as moronic and stupid

He continued to step up his now famous rhetoric

 Which caused his numbers to wax Meteoric

There was immigration Iran and Putan

There were polls like The Times and Rasmussen

Then in anger he changed his focus,

Bashing his boogies with renewed hocus pocus.

There was economics, healthcare and jobs,

Too small wages and of fraud there was gobs

He’d solve the problem of massive Immigration

Using his powers of expansive imagination

He had all the answers there was no doubt,

The voters you know should give him the clout

But in the end as we would see the same old things would always be.