By Jerry D. Haight

 He stood at the lectern, mighty and proud,

 White hair flowing Voice waxing loud.

Fingers poking holes in the sky,

 This dude was anything but shy.

He came like a storm to do mighty battle,

But still in all treated us like cattle.

He picked a foe like corporate men,

 Chastened them thoroughly to the end.

And it was bankers those evil villains,

We should destroy them along with their billions.

He picked on another this time the press,

Destroying that straw man created a mess.

Then he blasted those billionaire foes,

Blaming them for all our woe

From the Wall Street crowd and all their minions,

 He would take away their millions.

Of the NRA he had much to say,

 Never but never should they have their way.

Then in anger he changed his focus,

 Bashing all boogies with his hocus pocus.

There was economics, healthcare and jobs,

Too small wages and of fraud there was gobs

He had all the answers there was no doubt,

The voters you know should give him the clout

But in the end as we would see the same old things would always be.