An Old Man

A Micro Fiction By Jerry Haight

The old man smiled as the young boy ran to him. “Did you really see Him?” he inquired. “Yes, I really saw Him” replied the old man. “Did you see the star?” he asked wide eyed. “No, I missed it”, he replied. “Then did you see the magi?” trying to hide his disappointment. “No”, he gently explained “you see, my master’s ewe was in breech and I was tending her. “Then you didn’t hear the angels either?” he said, now unable to hide his disappointment. “I really do not understand”.  The old man continued “you see, by the time I finished I fell asleep, exhausted. Later, I made inquiry but I could not find Him. Some said they fled for His life - - maybe Egypt. Then for more than thirty years, I tried to find Him first here and then there through rumors but failed. “To me, I had, indeed, missed Him.  Then while on the road one day I came upon a commotion. Someone was being put to death. I knew the man was dying.”  Then the old man’s countenance took on a glow as he continued. “But then the man opened his eyes and looked directly at me. Time stood still as his gaze penetrated to my very soul. It was then I knew this was Yeshua, The Messiah.  As I stood overwhelmed, unable to move or speak, tears streaming down my face, He spoke to me, not in Hebrew nor in my hearing but in a manner beyond speech.  The last thing He said struck me most as He told me He had looked forward to meeting me that day and He called me by name. Finally, He quickly smiled and winked. Yes, I really saw Him.”