Illegal Aliens

By Jerry D. Haight

If you or I invite a guest, they are received with honor, treated with hospitality and respected as individuals. If we invite a guest and another comes unsolicited, uninvited and unwelcome, those are gate crashers. If persons break in to our house, take what is not lawfully theirs, they are perpetrating felonies. Are we to believe our legislators may require us to embrace and share with those who would break into our homes, steel, injure or otherwise do us harm as family members? Is that not what the proposed legislation with respect to those who have broken into our country, committing felonies does?     

Earlier the week of June 11, 2007, federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided a Del Monte food processing plant in Portland, Oregon. According to the report, what they discovered is that only 48 of 600 employees had valid Social Security numbers. 165 workers were detained and are being processed for possible deportation. They were found to be using fabricated Social Security numbers, or numbers belonging to real people whose identities had been stolen, or numbers issued to people who are now dead. Use of such identification is a felony. Add that to the crime of unlawful entry into the United States. These people obviously care little about the rule of law.

Those workers did not come in under the U.S. guest worker program. They chose to come in without documentation. Their employer chose not to comply with the law regarding the hiring of illegal aliens, and no doubt will claim that they didn't know the Social Security cards were bogus. The whole thing will die down in awhile, and soon there will be new undocumented aliens at work in that processing plant. It’s a circular scenario repeated by the millions all over the country,

The so called jobs no American wants can be filled with documented guest workers, whose papers are legitimate, if we want that to be the case. There's no reason why we cannot instill incentives to discourage the hiring of illegals. There's no reason why we can't prosecute American employers who cut corners and plead ignorance. This all turns on the economics that drive this process. I cannot imagine that we're not smart enough to fix this permanently, but when?